April Rose didn’t bother anymore when people assumed “Ah, so you are an April baby!” But she cringed at new acquaintances, who with their half-wit smiles pose the question “you were born on 1st of April?”

“I was born in Jan” she would calmly reply, hoping that would be the end of it, but some not- so- funny folks would be quick to jibe “Then why be April, when you could be May?”

And then there were others who thought it was funny, when they asked “Where is May and June?” All that a bored April Rose would do is roll her eyes and say “May and June are hanging out together, doing their best to avoid you.”

And this is not where it stopped. The jokes kept coming – they never got old. April Rose just learned to accept that they have been around long before her birth and will continue to reign forever.

This is the story of April Rose, who wasn’t born in April. One can only imagine then, what April Mae, who was born in June had to live with?!

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