The magnificent Blue sky gives us hope for yet another beautiful day.
The enchanting vast Blue Ocean engulfs all within it tranquil gaze.

The Blue eyed child’s smile reaches his mother’s heart.
People of noble birth are known as Blue Blooded – an aristocrat.

A long gap in an event or occasion is categorized as – once in a Blue moon.
If you had a Blue Berry Cheesecake you are sure to swoon.

The common Violets, in all it Blue glory enhance any happy occasion.
A baby boy is welcomed with an array of Blue clothes, quilt and blossom.

There was a time when every family had at least one room painted Blue.
The melodious slow music of Rhythm and Blues awakens a deep ache in your soul.

The Blue swimming pool is Oh so ever tempting on a glorious summer’s day.
No other piece of clothing is as famous as classic Blue Jeans, what do you say?

Everyone has grown up owning that special and favorite Blue Ink pen.
Oh, how can I forget Deep-Blue chess programmed by IBM!

The Ashoka Chakra on our National flag is embedded proudly in Blue,
And then there is the pleasing color Blue of Facebook and Windows OS, which we are glued to.

I am sure there are many other wonderful references to the color Blue;
And many happy stories and memories attached to it too.

I then wondered why they call it Monday Blues! :-)


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14 thoughts on “Blue

  1. Hmm…what an irony, truly. English is a ‘phunny’ language as Big B says in one of his movies. Blue has always been my favorite color, Jyothi…it is like I would want every day to be a blue day with so many beautiful things in blue you pointed out.

    1. I love blue too and that’s why this thought came to my mind :-) English language indeed is a play of words x

  2. Ha ha, never for once did I suspect it becoming about the Monday blues , nice touch. The poem kept reminding me of the song- I am blue.. By the way Blue is my favourite color all time :)..

  3. The weight of the suspense added bit by bit to the grand anticlimax adds a fearsome aura to the syndrome of Monday Blues!

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