Last week I had a Date with one of my Girlfriends whom I hadn’t seen for over four months. It was an impromptu one and we decided to meet at a swanky new Mall for some clishmaclaver. 

As it was destined to happen, I reached the mall on time, but that counts early as per IST and thus I ended up wandering around in my spool heels, all the while chiding myself for ditching my sensible sport shoes. Store hopping wasn’t an ideal choice and so my eyes kept looking out for a bench where I could wait until my friend arrives. That’s when I strolled by a coffee house with its interiors looking so welcoming that I involuntarily got pulled through the wide glass door into its orangish-white lit haven for coffee lovers.

A little hesitant at being alone, my worries were quickly put at ease when a welcoming voice of a young chap inquired, “Hi, what can I get you today?”

Transfixed at the counter, taking in the aromas of freshly brewed coffee and letting my senses awaken from an otherwise dull afternoon was rejuvenating itself.

“One black coffee Please,” I said without reading through their menu list.

 “You mean an Americano, right?” The young chap at the counter asked politely.

“If that’s what you call it, yes. I would like mine hot and strong.”

“Tall, Grande…?”


“Sure. Your coffee will be ready in a few minutes. Thank you.”

Order successfully placed, the chap proceeded in his cheerful manner to the next customer (a cute, young, college going couple) whilst I looked around and found myself a cozy spot to settle in. There it was, A Red couch with three throw cushions lying carelessly on it and a coffee table in front of it. I knew I belonged right there… with the Red couch. Since it was a weekday, the café wasn’t too much crowded, but it still had enough interesting faces around for me to keep occupied.

“An Americano for Jyothi,” I heard a server call out and soon a beautiful, white, hot cup was placed in my hands and inside it was a pure, rich, dark black coffee – My favorite.

Settling back into My couch and sipping My coffee, I fished out a book from my bag. Now, I always, always have a book in my bag for situations like these when I find myself alone. The Contingency Plan as I would like to call it :-)  

So, with a Book and Coffee for company, I was having a Perfect afternoon. Half way through my coffee, something struck. I kept my book down on the table, placed my coffee cup next to it and admired the sight. Immediately, my phone camera was put to use and I took a picture which brought the proudest smile on my face. One word to describe this coming-together-of- elements? – Fantastico!!


If Coffee is your poison, you will love Chicken Soup for The Coffee Lover’s soul. I was still beaming with my secret joy when my friend walked in. With great effort I rose from the couch. We hugged and she settled next to me. What followed was an hour of some funny and some serious discussion. After we left the coffee house and I bid my friend goodbye the memories of a Fantastic afternoon lingered with me :-)


This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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6 thoughts on “*Coffee Memories*

    1. Hi Archana. Thanks for stopping by. The book is a lovely collection of true short stories. Btw, if it’s tea that you prefer, I believe there is a Chicken Soup for Tea Lover’s soul series too :-)

  1. Ahaan, a Chicken Soup book for Coffee Lovers. I’ll go and buy one this week. Thanks mate. Always a treat reading your blogs

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