3b6617a2d2fb3df4d548720d9e1f75c8 Always a Kid at Heart (2 Apr 2016) - The Indian summer has arrived in all its glory. For adults it means hot, humid and dehydrating season, but for a child it means Freedom! Late sleep-ins, lazy afternoons and curfew-lifted evenings… Summer means all that and much more. It’s vacation time folks. Two whole months of break from school. My son and I are […]
new year 2016 replacing the old year 2015 - letterpress wood type on a grunge wooden surface *Tales of 2015. Wishes for 2016* (9 Jan 2016) - It’s 1:30 on a Friday night. I have just wrapped up a small dinner party we hosted for a dear friend of mine. The prep work for the party had been going on since morning and yes, I am knackered to a point where I cannot bear to put my poor feet to any good […]