When I was a kid, we lived in a colony with houses placed next to each other and each house had their own little garden in the front. From small potted plants to beautiful and tall flowering trees lined the walking path. Shoe flower, Jasmine, Ratrani, Rose plants were in abundance. As kids we watered them and took care of the blooms protecting them from any potential plucks. My childhood memories from the colony are of red mud, green trees, fragrant colourful flowers, pleasant sun and soft showers of rain.

That was 30 years back. Today, I visit my childhood home only to witness that the colony is now all cement, bricks and tiles. Each family has now taken over the garden space to extend their house. No life in form of trees or plants exist and I never see any kids out playing because there is hardly any space left. This is the unhappy state of My Colony, but when I look around; I see that we humans are taking over every single piece of available land. Skyscrapers are rising with a rather disturbing alacrity. Somewhere between urbanization and globalization, we forgot that for Humans to really live a healthy and happy life the most important resource we need is Fresh air and Pure water. Sadly we are messing up with both of them by taking away our Trees. Phones, laptops, hi-tech gadgets, 40 floors buildings and fast cars are doing nothing but decreasing our life expectancy.

To be honest, for most of my adult life, I never worried too much about whether we were leaving a cleaner and greener planet for future generation, but when I became a Mother, amongst many other things that I discovered, I figured that my son was getting a raw deal. As kids of today’s generation, they are left with a huge responsibility upon their tiny shoulders to clear up a mess that we created. We can’t crib about past, but what we can do instead is make this responsibility A Choice rather than a burden and for that we need to lead by example.

‘We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.’   

Go for Nature trips than malls: Adults often complain that kids spend far too much time in front of a TV, computers or video games. Most of our family outings end up in Malls. Who is responsible for it? Do we take the time out to take our kids to visit Nature parks? Letting them watch discovery channels is good but taking them to Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks makes the experience much fun and real. In the last two years, of all our outing and trips, my son remembers only three of them vividly (a camping trip, a visit to Nature park and our vacation at our native home in Mangalore :-) ) because these experiences allowed him to connect with nature.


Conserve Nature and Natural resources: We Do Not own Nature, rather we share it with all living beings on planet Earth. So when brushing teeth remind kids to turn off the water because we are otherwise wasting a share which belongs to animals, trees and other people. Two buckets of water should suffice instead of a shower bath. Kid’s instinct of plucking off a beautiful bloom should be addressed by explaining that the flower belongs to everyone. Keep TV and lights off when not required and avoid unnecessary use of Elevators which will help conserve electricity.


Respect Planet Earth: We should treat our planet just as we do our Home. This means we just cannot throw waste around. Waste should go to the waste-bin. This habit should be inculcated at early learning itself. Do not hesitate in involving kids in community clean-up drives. Also, explaining the harmful effects of non-biodegradable products and the benefits of Recycling is very important part.



Connecting to the Basics: Our kids can identify various brands of cars by age of 6, but can they do the same for birds or insects? Instead of buying various toys, we must invest in simple but fun things like magnifying lenses or a pair of binoculars. One will be amazed at the discovery young kids make with these tools. Encouraging them to share their findings of animals, birds, insects, or trees in our area will evoke a sense of love for nature and surroundings. Explaining to them the role of each nature finding will increase their knowledge and also turn nature into an ingrained passion for life.


Plant Trees! Save Trees! : In a world where we are struggling to be Carbon Neutral, Bhutan (a Himalayan country next to India and Tibet)  is proud to be Carbon Negative. Their Modus-operandi? Maintaining more than 60% of their country as forest which absorbs all the carbon dioxide they emit. In 2014 Bhutan broke a world record for planting appx 50,000 trees in one hour. They also measure their economic development by measuring Gross National Happiness :-)

Our Planet thrives on Trees and so if we want to Ctrl+S Nature, planting and nurturing of trees should be our top priority. Letting our kids involve in gardening is a great way to help them connect with nature. The touch of the soil and discovery of different worms and insects helps them know nature first hand. Also, letting them water plants help them develop a sense of care and pride as they see the plant grow.


Does Nature need saving? Yes! But what we are really doing in turn is saving the Mankind.


I’m blogging about how I’ll remind kids to press Ctrl+S for nature for the Shortcut Safaari weekend activity at BlogAdda.

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20 thoughts on “Ctrl+S Nature. Ctrl+S Mankind

  1. This post reminds me of a funny quote I had read – too bad trees give only oxygen which is necessary for us to live, I wish they gave Wifi – that way they would have a longer life! Funny but so true I feel. And i think as a generation we are missing out on the beauty of nature, I remember the days when we used to go out to fly kites, going to the park was recreation and there was never something called video games. Those were the times of good old Nostalgia and life made so much sense..

    1. Hi Vinay. I completely agree with you. Those were indeed good old days. Today, we are incapable of enjoying the true benefits of nature. Experiencing a lush green surrounding now becomes part of a bucket list rather than a way of life.

  2. I lived in the same type of colony. And, it was the same when I visited it 2 years back. We should be more for the planet and try to spend as much as possible time close to nature.

    P. S. – I hate going to malls.

    1. I may sound patronizing but I guess we had the best childhood. As kids, except for a military ruled TV viewing session there was nothing else to keep us away from being out and being one with Nature. Aha, The Malls! Mumbai is thriving on them and it’s quite a disheartening knowledge x

    1. True Deepak and I love the fact that you capture Nature and our surrounding beautifully with your camera and share with us :-)

  3. Nature has been ignored for quite some time by a lot of people. Nature is demanding attention now. Look at the rise in temperature. Water scarcity. Pollution levels.

    A lot of collective action is required to heal nature.

    1. Hi Tomichan. I fear we all have in some way or other contributed to our current state, but as you said indeed a conscious collective action is required.

  4. Your memories make me nostalgic of my Granny’s place where we used to play in natural surroundings. But despite having a well grown garden in my home, I could not take advantage of it as I hardly took a glance over the trees and the plants. This is the irony of modern life. The way you have suggested and explained this initiative with valuable points is really worth it! Very nicely weaved article. Kudos ‘)

    1. Thank you Maitreni. Yes, the so called modernization had taken away our urge to even leave our homes. We are happy to plonk ourselves in front of a TV or Laptop. My son spent his last 2 evenings watering plants with a borrowed Watering Can and he is delighted with the experience. That’s the highlight of his day. When I was a kid, that was my job as the youngest of the family :-)

  5. Sadly, the endemic hunger for concrete has invaded the countryside too. Most trees and gardens I used to look forward to haunting during the summer vacations in my village in my childhood, have vanished like snow from Sahara. What is tragic, the phenomenon is gaining force with each passing day. New roads and structures do necessitate deforestation but if you pause to have a look at the kind of new trees being planted afresh you would realize we are fatally doomed. Instead of the dense, native full-bodied trees like mangoes, jamuns, neems, peepals we are erecting fancy species of desert palms.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more Uma. All these fancy trees are also high maintenance and will not stand the test of time. For the past year and more, our native place in Mangalore is constantly buzzing with activities of new roads and posh houses being built. There was a time when our backyard had all kinds of vegetables and fruit trees. Now only coconut tree are in abundance. The rest is left to grow wild because no one has time to maintain the yard. :-( We need more Jamuns and Peepal trees x

  6. Your write-up makes me few good about myself and the values that my parents brought me up with – that it is very crucial to have plants all around you. What a coincidence I just wrote about my garden recently. Can’t tell you what a source of joy it is my dear. Btw – I love going to malls But I’d trade that with a trip to the mountains or the beach any day! Love and hugs

    1. Hey Archie. I am glad my post made you happy. Yes, I did read your post on your garden. The blooms must make you so proud :-)

  7. A nice Blog,
    people try to keep some garden in there home like Roof top garden.

    1. Thank you for stopping by. Yes, with shortage of space many do try their best and maintain a balcony/roof top garden.

  8. It’s a pertinent question.. are we doing our bit to save nature? and what better way than to inculcate nature-nurturing attitude in our children ensuring a safe present and a better tomorrow for all of us :)

    1. Hi Bushra… Taking care of our nature is indeed a joint contribution and one cannot emphasis enough the need for our children to be part of this for an early age.

  9. Very elaborately put across.
    We as parents have a crucial role to save nature for our children. Felt good to read your thoughts on this.

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