“Daddy, can you tell me what you are…” little Ayaan had a question for his school assignment.

“I am busy son” was his father’s abrupt reply without even cheating a look away from the telly and the on-going cricket match. “Can we talk later? Go and work on your school homework for now.”

The child left in a hurry, making Daddy Dear wonder whether he was insensitive? Whether he should have listened what his son had to say?

“Nah, he didn’t look upset at all. I am just over thinking.” A quick decision was made; those eyes still hypnotized at the game.

However, in the next twenty minutes, his deepest fears came true when “The Mrs.” walked over and said “Look what your son has written.”

The paper was handed unceremoniously to Daddy, who had no choice, so obliged and read:

“My Daddy is a very beeze man. He is beeze at work and also at home. Even though he is always beeze I still love my Daddy very much.”

With The Mrs. posing a disappointed look on her face, Daddy Dear was thinking of the right expression which would decide his fate for the rest of the day.

“Son, come here please.” he called out, knowing the situation had to be fixed if he had to get through the day peacefully and have a good night’s sleep.

The little boy walked sheepishly, wondering whether his essay was not up to the mark. Whether he was in trouble again?

“Your essay looks ok, but beeze is spelled wrong.” Daddy said with the best intentions.

“Oh, is that all! I can rewrite. Can you spell it for me?” Ayaan was glad.

“Of course” Daddy said in a calm tone and with a straight face he spelled “S-M-A-R-T”

The Mrs. tried hard to hide her amusement, whereas for the little boy, he looked confused, but he soon caught the mischievous twinkle in his parent’s eyes.

“I will redo it in ten minutes and bring back to show you” Ayaan promised.

Daddy Dear resumed watching telly; the smile never leaving his face. Whatever the fate of the game was to be, he knew two things. One, he would never be too busy for his family and two: he would soon have a copy of his son’s prodded and revised essay which he will proudly display at his work desk tomorrow.

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