Image Credit: Jyothi Dmello

They said we weren’t meant to be,

But fell in Love, We did.


I was your First kiss,

You were my First dance.

Your honest candor enchanted me,

My comforting silence calmed you.


Summer Romance, Young hearts, small world;

Was what everyone said.

What has Love got to do with season, age and experience?

I could never understand.


But Alas! What they predicted turned out to be true.

We never saw the grey clouds puff;

We never danced in the Rains.

Eventually, Life Happened,

And we grew up.


Now, years later…

Rose Petals have dried

Promise rings misplaced.

Love letters lay buried in the attic of memories.


But nothing has changed for me;

You are still my Only One.

For though our worlds are different,

And the people in it new;

You will always be my Girl,

I will always Love You!


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4 thoughts on “*First Love*

  1. Beautiful lines. The romance in the 1st part and the mellowed acceptance of reality in the second are both genuinely penned.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Matheikal. Such is life ain’t it? I am glad you liked it.

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