11880673_549322545220616_789245234193204057_n *Occupational Hazard* (4 May 2016) -  
Image Credit: Jyothi Dmello *First Love* (16 Jan 2016) - They said we weren’t meant to be, But fell in Love, We did. I was your First kiss, You were my First dance. Your honest candor enchanted me, My comforting silence calmed you. Summer Romance, Young hearts, small world; Was what everyone said. What has Love got to do with season, age and experience? I […]
seaside - Aldeburgh Suffolk *The Seaside* (3 Dec 2015) - We used to love the seaside – Lazy kisses, carefree laughs, building sand castles with promises of Together Forever. Now…You are just a fading past on my ring-less finger. “Kids? I am not cut out to take care of one. Not yet!” you had said. What you really meant was, “Never.” The day you left, […]
Bedtime Stories *Bedtime Stories* (23 Oct 2015) -
il_570xN_496737179_4bpl *His and Her* (9 Jul 2015) - She loved pink, but her favourite colour was blue. Her wardrobe sported different shades of it and she wore them without second thoughts. He loved blue, but pink looked so good on him too. A lush pink T-shirt stay hung in his wardrobe for months now. He is yet to find the right occasion to […]
10885065_523855454433992_8576687292376708827_n *My Hero* (21 Jun 2015) - When I fall and get hurt… Ma: My baby. Oh My little Baby! (And she cries along) Dad: Rushes me to the doctor while consoling me and Ma. All the while his heart thudding with fear and praying that I am all right. When I don’t drink my milk… Ma: Finish your milk first. Dad: […]
Mom-Heart-Cookies *Just Another Day in a Mother’s Life* (9 May 2015) - Today, like every weekday morning was chaos at home. She rushed from bedroom to kitchen and everywhere around in the house like a disturbed alien with four eyes and ten hands. Finding matching socks, packing the lunch boxes and combing the hair in place. Arguing with one over the importance of drinking milk while wiping […]
DSC00132 *First Steps* (16 Apr 2015) - “Those first steps are always difficult, but I am right next to you if you falter,” said the ecstatic, teary eyed mother to her little son. Standing at the threshold of freedom, taking his first step of life, the six year old boy beamed with joy. “Thank You,” he whispered gingerly to his new prosthetic […]
11133659_489027531250118_2310222356673415384_n *April Joys* (1 Apr 2015) - April Rose didn’t bother anymore when people assumed “Ah, so you are an April baby!” But she cringed at new acquaintances, who with their half-wit smiles pose the question “you were born on 1st of April?” “I was born in Jan” she would calmly reply, hoping that would be the end of it, but some […]
Pics 104 *Ramblings of The Lonely Night* (30 Mar 2015) -   THE NIGHT calls out; Her wails reaching sleepy ears. The sky is remorse for its shade of grey which it once loved. The moon feels lonely; a forlorn smile part of its countenance. Even the stars are shying away, knowing HE no longer rejoices in their twinkle. Missing the beauty of the twilight, oblivious […]