Are you a movie fanatic? If yes, then you and I have something in common which is great. :-)

I love watching movies, especially on the silver screen. But what makes a movie going experience memorable is watching one with Friends. I have a collection of funny, weird and enlightening stories of Movie dates with my Best Friends, but there are two Movies which always – always makes me laugh with nostalgia.

It was the year 1996. It was also my First Year of junior college. The movie The Bandit Queen had released which made headlines in the news. That it is a true story made it all the more appealing. Being young and curious my group of friends (we 3 girls) decided to go watch it.

So, on a weekday afternoon, bunking a couple of lectures, we went to Odeon (a theater in Ghatkopar), bought tickets with our saved pocket money and settled in nicely in our seats. We are excited and engrossed in our talks, but once the movie began we went quiet and attentive.

It was just 8-10 minutes into the movie when the protagonist “Phoolan Devi” used explicit words and the whole of the cinema hall rang with claps, whistles and loud cheering. That’s when we had a proper look around the dimly lit hall and saw that the place was full- of -men. As the movie got along, we realized it was a violent one with highly adult content. The fact that we were amidst hundreds of men, made us cringe in our seats. One of my friend started crying, but she was too afraid to move (even during the interval) and so we ended up watching the whole movie.

It was a funny and horrifying experience at the same time. We couldn’t tell anyone about our little adventure, but we felt proud of watching our first Adult movie. Later it became a private joke between us when we dished out the famous dialogue “Haan main hu Phoolan” to each other. Till date, whenever we meet, this incident surfaces making us laugh till tears glitter in our eyes (you know those Khushi ke Aansoo) :-)

1998 was another year of teenage movie adventure with my friends from the colony with whom I grew up. There were 13 of us (5 girls & 8 boys). Titanic movie was released in India that year. The great reviews and the fact that there was Kate Winslet’s nude scene made the boys sway towards it.

As the movie was run only in the theaters in town (V.T), two of the boys got advance booking done to avoid last minute rush. In fact, they had to stand in queue for hours to get those tickets.

On the movie day, we travelled for a hour by train to reach V.T. Our excitement was obvious and contagious. Once in the movie hall, my eyes were glued to the advertisement played on the screen whilst others were busy locating our seats. When we noticed that strangers had taken our seats, we called the guy with a torch light to help us. He checked our tickets, checked the seat numbers, checked the tickets again and finally looked at us and said “These tickets are for tomorrow.”

We all stared at him as if he was senile. I am sure he thought the same about us too when he gave us our tickets back and politely asked us to leave. Can you imagine our embarrassment? Walking out, our confused faces lit up with laughter followed by relief knowing that our tickets were still valid. That afternoon will never part from my memory. Oh, and yes, we found our way back the next day and watched the beautiful movie. :-)


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19 thoughts on “Movies + Friends = Memories Forever

    1. You bet! And I haven’t even written about the part where Vikku and Annu tried black marketing the tickets :-p

  1. Those two adventures read almost like movies. You have captured the predicament of the groups in either cases beautifully and I am sure your private jokes will never fritter away. It reminded me of my own escapades early in life too, though none was as colourful as your accounts.

    1. Hello Umashankar. Thank You. What an apt comment… yes, they indeed are full of drama 😉

    1. Yes, Titanic is truly engraved in our memories. Oh yeah, I have heard stories of train and sometimes even flight tickets 😉 It can be quite an episode x

    1. Hey Shweta. Thank you. Yes, can you imagine our state trying to convince her that we will be allright x

    1. Thanks Arch. I am game for all good movies. Reviews help to filter out the not-so-good ones :-)

  2. He he exciting experiences. The date confusion for tickets is quite a story and the Phoolan one too 😀 😀 .. But yea, they do form some brilliant memories :)

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