She loved pink, but her favourite colour was blue. Her wardrobe sported different shades of it and she wore them without second thoughts.

He loved blue, but pink looked so good on him too. A lush pink T-shirt stay hung in his wardrobe for months now. He is yet to find the right occasion to wear it.


She wore a high collared top to the office, hiding those scandalizing love bites that stood out against her creamy skin. Scandalizing? Because in her thirteen years of marriage she never had one before… at least never from her husband!

He lay next to a young girl. Both spent after their midday romp between the sheets. Unconsciously, he thought about the hickeys on his wife’s neck. He felt angry, but also relieved. He doesn’t have to feel guilty anymore.


She smiled, she laughed, but behind that happy face was a scarred heart. Her parent’s crestfallen eyes told her what she already knew… another marriage proposal rejected because she was too dark.

At the same time, somewhere in our society, a good man was rejected by a girl because he didn’t earn enough or didn’t own a house or lived with his folks or wasn’t social enough. Is it a way of nature’s balancing act!?

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