Today, like every weekday morning was chaos at home. She rushed from bedroom to kitchen and everywhere around in the house like a disturbed alien with four eyes and ten hands.

Finding matching socks, packing the lunch boxes and combing the hair in place. Arguing with one over the importance of drinking milk while wiping breadcrumbs and jam from the other little face, the work was never ending and it was just the beginning of the day.

She finally said a hurried goodbye and closed the door, letting out a huge sigh. Turning to the empty house, she looked forward for that well deserved cup of coffee, but a nagging feeling clenched her heart. She had forgotten something; she just couldn’t put her finger on it, what was it?

The knock on the door startled her. Stopping in her tracks she wondered “What now!”

Opening the door, she found them standing on the steps. ““What did we forget?” she asked concerned.

“You forgot our kiss.” The younger one said with accusing eyes, leaving her speechless.

With a hand on heart she bent down to kiss her two kids on both the cheeks. The hug followed, which finally made them happy, but it was she who felt complete.

That night, picking up her diary she wrote a little note: “Sure, I could use some leisure time and I do miss those carefree days, but I wouldn’t want my life any different than today. ”

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