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Wake up. Rise and Shine. It’s a Beautiful Sunday Morning Folks. Oh, yes, And it’s also Valentines Day! 😉

What’s so special about this day? Nothing really, except that, for a day, we mortals get out of our comfort zones and try to do something special, something out-of-ordinary for our loved ones.

If you are checking your Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc today, you might wonder whether the world is indeed going crazy, but Hey! Being crazy is fun too sometimes, No? Ok, I hear you. So, you don’t dig the usual humdrum followed by millions. Well, here are a few suggestion that might interest you for this Valentines day. And what harm could it do? Think it as a fun Sunday which you might as well as enjoy :-)

1) His / Hers / Ours

Wearing coordinated outfits is a great way to add a little fun to your V-day celebrations. Since such clothes are customized as per needs, one can get creative and add your own touch of quirkiness. Of course the quick and easy – color coordinated outfits work good too.


2) Throw a party.

But here’s the catch… Invite your Single Best friends. I mean how does one leave a Best friend alone on V-day? Throw a house party, insist they come. You never know, you might incidentally play cupid by bringing your single friends together.

739437631_5533) Valentines day picture album.

How about capturing your present (today) and saving it for for memories. Get a professional photographer or ask your friend to click your pictures. Print only One favorite pic out of the lot. Buy an album and place the pic in it with date, time and a little note of your day. Keep adding just one pic to the album every Valentines day and behold… you will have a timeless treasure to share with your children and grandchildren.

4) Make a Stranger smile.

Carry a bunch of Red roses with you and whenever you meet an elderly person/couple, gift them a Red Rose, wish them a beautiful day and let their smile warm your hearts.


5) Go camping by the seaside.

Ditch the cliched Facebook check-in of posh Hotels. Go for a seaside camping instead. Rent a tent and camping gears or join the events organized by travel companies. Spend the day soaking in the sun, guzzle cool drinks, make your own barbecue, watch the sunset together, sleep under the starlit sky and keep the mobile phone stashed away.

6) Go on a food trail.  

There is a boom of brilliant home chefs who have opened their doors for guests to experiment and indulge in new cuisines which is hundred percent home-cooked. The Bohri Kitchen has been on my list for a long time now.

7) Explore your city.

Haven’t been to the famous places (read monuments/structures, gardens, beaches, museums, markets, food joints etc) in your own city? V-Day is a good day as any to get to know your city with a partner by your side or even with your family including kids. I can tell, that even if you do not take a single picture, the memories of this day will stay with you forever.

8) Enjoy an activity together.

Have a mutual love for dancing, but haven’t got time to enjoy that together lately? Valentines day would be perfect to pick your lost love for such activities. Video games, paintball, picnics, cycling or something as pleasurable as long walks – you have a excellent reason to begin today.

9) Just enjoy the day with each other.

Put that alarm off. Shut off the door bell. Ignore the phone. Give the house-help a day off (this way you make another person happy 😉 ) Spend the day in your PJ’s. Rustle up a meal together or order takeaways. Watch complete season of your favorite telly shows. Rent movie DVD’s. Just be yourself and enjoy each other.


I hope you enjoy this Valentine’s Day Celebration with a little spark added to it and create a your own Love is… quote :-)


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