5301-001 Ctrl+S Nature. Ctrl+S Mankind (10 Apr 2016) - When I was a kid, we lived in a colony with houses placed next to each other and each house had their own little garden in the front. From small potted plants to beautiful and tall flowering trees lined the walking path. Shoe flower, Jasmine, Ratrani, Rose plants were in abundance. As kids we watered […]
3b6617a2d2fb3df4d548720d9e1f75c8 Always a Kid at Heart (2 Apr 2016) - The Indian summer has arrived in all its glory. For adults it means hot, humid and dehydrating season, but for a child it means Freedom! Late sleep-ins, lazy afternoons and curfew-lifted evenings… Summer means all that and much more. It’s vacation time folks. Two whole months of break from school. My son and I are […]
DSC09005 Joy of Colors (20 Mar 2016) - Of all the Indian Festivals that we celebrate, Holi has always been my favorite. For one, you don’t dress up. You dress down. I mean, which festival allows you to be dressed in your oldest clothes and still have the best time ever? You don’t wear make-up, but drench yourself in colors to be one […]
the-best-thing-about-memories-is-making-them-e1458071857258-001 Movies + Friends = Memories Forever (15 Mar 2016) - Are you a movie fanatic? If yes, then you and I have something in common which is great. I love watching movies, especially on the silver screen. But what makes a movie going experience memorable is watching one with Friends. I have a collection of funny, weird and enlightening stories of Movie dates with my […]
online Will Life Ever Be The Same Again? (1 Mar 2016) - Ten years back, when I got married, I asked myself, “Will Life ever be the same again?”. And then four years back when Baby E came into our world, I was faced with the same question. Of course, Nothing ever remains the same. A famous quote in the corporate world is Change is constant and I am […]
black-coffee1 *Coffee Memories* (26 Jan 2016) - Last week I had a Date with one of my Girlfriends whom I hadn’t seen for over four months. It was an impromptu one and we decided to meet at a swanky new Mall for some clishmaclaver.  As it was destined to happen, I reached the mall on time, but that counts early as per […]
Mumbai *Are You Having a Mall of Your Life?* (25 Jan 2016) - Twenty years back, when I was a teenager, Mumbai had a completely different lifestyle – at least for a middle class family. It would be only a couple of times in a year when special occasions called for family dinner in a restaurant. Coffee Houses… what were those? Udipi restaurants with cutting tea and coffee? […]
Jyo 036.jpg *When Music Empowered Me* (22 Jan 2016) - Music can change the world because it can change people ~ Bono  Fiercely independent – That’s the usual First impression people have about me. And most of the time this assumption is indeed true, except when it comes to travelling Alone. Now, I am not afraid or hesitant. It’s just that I have never gone anywhere […]
Mannu *Mannu Bhai Motor Chali Pum Pum Pum* (21 Jan 2016) - Today, my 4 year old son stepped out of his school bus singing Mannu Bhai Motor Chali Pum Pum Pum. He was in his elements and completely oblivious to the surroundings. The bus driver and his lady assistance couldn’t help laugh listening to E’s antics.  It didn’t stop there. E continued with his shenanigans whilst […]
new year 2016 replacing the old year 2015 - letterpress wood type on a grunge wooden surface *Tales of 2015. Wishes for 2016* (9 Jan 2016) - It’s 1:30 on a Friday night. I have just wrapped up a small dinner party we hosted for a dear friend of mine. The prep work for the party had been going on since morning and yes, I am knackered to a point where I cannot bear to put my poor feet to any good […]
december_goodies-wide *Fa La La La La* (1 Dec 2015) - Have you ever fallen in love with something intangible? – Something that you cannot touch, but whose mere presence affects you immensely. No? I am sure you do. There must have been times when you have fallen in love with a movie or a song, the smell of your favorite brew, the Sunday lunch aromas, […]
My-religion-is-very-simple_-My-religion-is-kindness_-The-Dalai-Lama1 *Gratitude* (24 Nov 2015) - My old man was really something else. For a man who didn’t have the luxury of formal schooling, he educated himself enough to write his name and signature in English. And when he impersonated our Protestant Catholic neighbor and said – Yes, No, What and Where you go?, my Papa Bear looked the cutest. Dad […]