When I fall and get hurt…
Ma: My baby. Oh My little Baby! (And she cries along)
Dad: Rushes me to the doctor while consoling me and Ma. All the while his heart thudding with fear and praying that I am all right.

When I don’t drink my milk…
Ma: Finish your milk first.
Dad: Drink as much as you can.

When I am in a toy shop…
Ma: Let’s get some books or this new magnetic writing pad.
Dad: Look, they have the new train set!!

When I return home with my report card…
Ma: We will have to work harder on Math.
Dad: Wow, “Excellent” in sports/arts! (Beams with pride)

When I want to go out “just with my friends”…
Ma: Agrees reluctantly and worries.
Dad: Agrees happily, but secretly worries all the while until I am back home.

When I have a boyfriend/girlfriend
Ma: I don’t like him/her
Dad: Every youngster through this phase. We did too. (Try’s to act cool, but still worries)

When we have a fight…
Ma: Gives the silent treatment
Dad: Let’s go for an ice-cream?

It is no surprise then, that My Dad is “My Hero.” But it also can’t be denied that because of our practical mums, Dads look “Super Cool.”

Happy Father’s Day !!

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