Pics 104


THE NIGHT calls out; Her wails reaching sleepy ears. The sky is remorse for its shade of grey which it once loved. The moon feels lonely; a forlorn smile part of its countenance. Even the stars are shying away, knowing HE no longer rejoices in their twinkle.

Missing the beauty of the twilight, oblivious to the serenity of the still life, Darkness is what HE calls it now… Darkness is all HE sees!

“Remember that time when we stayed up till dawn waiting by the window for your lost kitten to return? Or those numerous childhood evenings which we spent on the porch counting all the fireflies. And every time you got your young heart broken, it was only in my arms that you could cry and heal. I even lay beside you on the open terrace, making imaginary shapes out of those tiny stars and calmed you when you worried in silence about your future.”

“Do you hear me? Can you feel me? I guess I am not your inspiration anymore!”

THE NIGHT calls out, She bellows her heart out, but there is no one to hear. Not Yet!

“Go! Go back to your bright lives and shiny homes. Work and play all day, be so spent that you have no time for me, no more. But do so knowing that I won’t be an outcast, that I am hopeful about our rendezvous in future. Know that when you are done dancing away to the glitter of the day, I will await your company, ready to be your friend, your lover.”

HE is asleep, peacefully ignorant of The Night’s agony. He misses Her solitude, He craves Her company. But THE DAYS are too demanding; taking up all his zeal. However, by the end of each day he rests down, hoping that as soon as he will close his eyes, HIS NIGHT will embrace him.

P.S: By the end of this read, if you are thinking what the hell was it all about? Then find comfort in the knowledge that you are not the only one :-) :-)

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