I first read Jane Austen’s classic novel Pride & Prejudice (abridged version) in standard 8th as part of our rapid reading class. Since then, I saw many movie adaptions (English & Hindi) of this classic tale and the BBC telly series too. For a long time now I wanted to buy the complete and unabridged novel, but… only with the hardcover with red binding. I can’t really explain why, but all I can say is I love classic books in this cover.

Last week, when I walked into Mumbai’s #BargainBookHut Book store and found my heart’s desire I immediately bought it along with Madame Bovary and Northanger Abbey.

I am excited about my special buys and looking forward to spend the coming weekends in leisure with my books :-)

Do you like a special kind of cover for your books? Have you read Madame Bovary and Northanger Abbey? Would love to hear your view.


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13 thoughts on “Red Bound Books

    1. Aha… I am so pleased to know that your mum and I share the same cravings when it comes to red bound classics :-)

  1. Wow! I can totally relate with you on this one. I had a massive collection but unfortunately had leave most of them back in India! cheers and enjoy reading! Love n hugs!

    1. Hey Archie. Must have been difficult to part with your books. Read anything new lately? Your last book review was super xx

  2. Those cherry coloured beauties are real gems. The volumes have top class non-yellowing paper inside with bold black fonts. I too have quite a few of them —Crosswords stores usually have large collections of those. While you are at it, do get a copy of Vanity Fair too. And, perhaps, Sons and Lovers…

    1. You forgot the golden prints on the book cover Uma :-) Thanks for the recommendations. I have heard mixed reviews about Sons and Lovers. Time to have my own opinions on it I guess.

      1. Few books can beat “Sons and Lovers” for the intensity, the explorations of a mother-son relationship that will have a defining influence on the life of the protagonist. Yes, those gold letters on the covers, too!

  3. Even I am crazy for a few things. These books are a treasure. Glad you got hold of them.

    No, I haven’t read Madame Bovary and Northanger Abbey.

  4. Hmm.. the world has moved to e-books but I like to read them on paper…there’s some kind of comfort and solace i get in holding a book and getting lost in a different world. Although I have no desire for a particular cover as long as these are in big prints (since my eyesight has become a tad weak, I have become a fan of bigger fonts) I am happy. But when I think of getting my study done I visualize those neat rows of hard bound books, of course! :)

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