gypsy *The Gypsy* (22 May 2016) - Everyone calls him a Gypsy – he is a rover and that’s true. Breaking norms, choosing an uncharted path, defying family expectations and ditching a cushioned life, he surprised everyone when one summer day the gypsy picked his bag pack and left the family home. Some said “He is on a quest for answers about […]
rose1 Love is… (14 Feb 2016) - This Post has been selected as a WOW post by BlogAdda Wake up. Rise and Shine. It’s a Beautiful Sunday Morning Folks. Oh, yes, And it’s also Valentines Day! 😉 What’s so special about this day? Nothing really, except that, for a day, we mortals get out of our comfort zones and try to do […]
iqbal *Iqbal Masih – The Little Hero* (4 Feb 2016) - Every time I hear an adult say, “What difference would one person’s opinion/fight/struggle make?” or a child explain, “No one takes us seriously because we are just kids,” Or on days when I crib about the really unimportant things in life, I think of Iqbal Masih and his struggles, his fight and his life. This is a story […]
kindness-001 *A Packet of Biscuit and Glass of Love* (28 Jan 2016) - “Why have you got biscuits today?” Five year old Sara questioned her Abba suspiciously. They could hardly afford electricity, which made Biscuits a treat, a luxury in itself. Her father, a daily wage earner, who came home today with a heavy heart and empty pockets sat solemnly in front of Sara. The dull, orange light emanating […]
black-coffee1 *Coffee Memories* (26 Jan 2016) - Last week I had a Date with one of my Girlfriends whom I hadn’t seen for over four months. It was an impromptu one and we decided to meet at a swanky new Mall for some clishmaclaver.  As it was destined to happen, I reached the mall on time, but that counts early as per […]
coffee *A Secret Coffee Date* (29 Dec 2015) - She stared vacantly at the contacts list on her I-Phone. Scrolling through the names listed in alphabetical order, she paused at a few, pondered and then moved on again swiftly to find that one name, that one person, that one friend to reach out for. Who was that one? Anika herself wasn’t sure of. “Will […]
Snow-Globe-Merry-Christmas-1280-1024-252731 *Christmas Eve* (24 Dec 2015) - With December came the time of the year when the D’cunha home wore its best festive look. The big, welcoming, green and white wreath hung on the mahogany door. A white star with red bow & bell prints swayed on the patio. Stockings hung from the mantle and over the mantle greeting cards received from […]
106939322 *The Girl in the Green dress* (6 Aug 2015) - You know what’s worse than breaking up with a boyfriend of two years? Breaking up just a week before Valentine’s Day! The breakup didn’t come as a surprise to Natasha, but she wasn’t prepared for it either. The couple had been having arguments and disagreements for quite some time now. By each passing day the […]
Alzheimer patient medical mental health care concept as a sheet of torn crumpled white paper shaped as a side profile of a human face on an old grungy wood background as a symbol for neurology and dementia issues or memory loss. *Losing a little bit of myself* (30 Jul 2015) - Ruma Masi sat in her favorite arm chair with her feet propped up on a small, square shaped, blue cushioned ottoman. Wearing a floral long sleeved house dress, a golden rim glasses perched on her nose and with her long hair neatly tied in a bun she looked beautiful even at sixty four. “Bless your […]
9963047793_4be2d88168_m *Aabha* (16 Jul 2015) - I have a man in my life – a man about whom I rarely speak of but he is never away from my thoughts. A man who isn’t part of my social world, but my existence is incomplete without him. A man I have known for thirty eight years of my life, but even today […]
10801595_425318260954379_603082547791803347_n *Ready to say Goodbye* (23 Apr 2015) - It was a splendid summer morning with clear blue skies. The gulmohar trees, laden with yellow and red flowers were swaying gently to the warm breeze. It was a perfect day for kids to go cycling, playing ball, having a picnic with their families or just hang out with friends’ .The day was full of […]
10448210_10152505663658130_6972087882021803804_n *Daddy Dear* (26 Mar 2015) - “Daddy, can you tell me what you are…” little Ayaan had a question for his school assignment. “I am busy son” was his father’s abrupt reply without even cheating a look away from the telly and the on-going cricket match. “Can we talk later? Go and work on your school homework for now.” The child […]
bride-191-l *The City Bride* (8 Mar 2015) - “Daadi, where is Rani?” 17 year old Mishti, in her worn-out lehenga choli and unkempt, but soft brown hair inquired after her friend. The old woman, sat squatting on her heels next to a large pile of red chillies, spreading them evenly on the ground to be dried under the hot Ranjore sun. Without looking […]