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It’s 1:30 on a Friday night. I have just wrapped up a small dinner party we hosted for a dear friend of mine. The prep work for the party had been going on since morning and yes, I am knackered to a point where I cannot bear to put my poor feet to any good use. The world out is bringing in the weekend with revelry, whilst some are in bed snuggling up in their cozy blankets enjoying the pleasant Mumbai winter. But here I am, up and excited about writing my first blog post for BlogAdda. Why can’t I do this later? Because when I read it, I realised I have only two days to get it done and I decided that what I can do today… I won’t put it off for tomorrow. That’s my only New Year Resolution for 2016 really!

books-are-magicThe Magician within Me

When I read about #Talesof2015, I paused, took a quick detour down last year’s journey and it didn’t take me long to credit 2015 as a year when an important, life-changing event took place in my life. It was last year that I braved up, decided to give wings to my dreams, convert thoughts into words and put words onto paper. I love writing fiction stories, both short and flash. When my friends read my initial, amateur write-ups and impressed upon me that I should take Writing more seriously and start my own blog page, I laughed it off. But a small fire kindled within me and once I began there was no stopping. Last year I wrote 40 odd stories which were warmly accepted and appreciated by the readers on my Facebook blog. A couple of them got published on online literary platforms too. A small step into the Big magical world of words and I feel like a magician.



Hard WorkGood, Hard and Honest work never remains Unnoticed

Destiny works in mysterious ways. One of my friends who used to read my FB blog, recommended me to a content writing company. I was invited for a discussion which involved a couple of projects and viola! I had a freelance creative writing job queued up which kept me occupied for 6 months of 2015. It was liberating knowing that there are many people/companies ready to pay you for something you are passionate about. What I learnt was, as a newbie in freelance writing job, don’t expect money as quick as you finish a project. And if you have been into it for more that 6 months, always ask for an advance.



By sharing my stories with complete strangers on the Internet, my fear of coming across weirdos, stalkers and chancers have been laid to rest. 2015 has been enriching on people front. Writing bought lovely and creative people in my life; people, whom I have never met, but connect because we are Words-Mates.




Life and LoveLife and Loved ones

Last year, I lost three close family members and a dear friend. My aunt who cared for me since I was a small baby passed away in December. Her demise was sudden and unexpected which mirrored the stark realization that life is uncertain and how important it is to let our loved ones know often how much they mean to us . I wish I could have made that visit to her home during Diwali vacations, spend a day with her and eat her delicious home-cooked meal which always reminds of my school vacations spent in her care. I wish we shared a hug and I could hear her contagious laughter one last time before I bid her goodbye.


social-mdia1Social Media Boon

I have worked in the corporate world for 12 years, but three years back when I took a sabbatical to look after my newborn, I thought my social life had come to a standstill. Social-Media, however, changed my perspective towards being a stay at home parent. One can do so much more than just surf the internet. Setting priorities and managing time well, help create opportunities for yourself sitting right in the comfort of your home. Mind you, it isn’t easy, but you have the power to turn things around if you are motivated enough. Discovering platforms like BlogAdda gave me that extra push to keep writing and try hands at non-fictions work too. 2016 looks exciting and encouraging.


Happy Mind and BodyHealth is a state of Mind and Body

Last year I spent a good deal of my time worrying about my post pregnancy weight that seemed stubborn and vicious. My exercise routines were irregular and diet questionable. I wasn’t overweight to be conscious, but I didn’t fit into clothes that I desired. The constant struggle of feeling physically unfit made me realise that being healthy is more important that having a perfect figure. It’s surprising, how a small change of thought affects our whole being. With positivism setting in, I stopped cribbing, ate healthy food, drank loads of water and accepted myself the way I was. It’s 2016, and I feel great. I weigh just a few stones lesser than last year, but I am far much happier and motivated to stay fit.

mother-earth2A Wish which really should be a way of life

2015 year bought in tragic news from all corners of the world, making one question whether humanity was completely doomed. There were exceptions, yes, but I wish for 2016 to be a year with amazing news on compassion, kindness, Love, peace, brotherhood, Humanity, Economic development, a delightful and promising future for us and the innocent kids who deserve nothing but the best in terms of care, security, education and all basic needs.






Happy Heart ConnectForget 3G and 4G’s. Connect Dil Se

Social media is great, but at the same time tacky. One of my biggest learnings of 2015 is if you gotta communicate, call up and speak to the person. A text message on email, whataspp or sms, or FB chats can be read and interpreted in a thousand ways. To avoid misunderstandings, the traditional phone call works the best. Also, I wish more people would call each other to wish birthdays and anniversaries. Send a handwritten note to congratulate or wish well. Or just call to say Hi which makes it more personal than a general Good Morning message or viral joke/video which is also sent to hundred others at the same time. I guess I sound old school, but that’s what we humans need in a world dominated by technology.




BooksMy First Love

Don’t get too excited. I am talking about Books here :-) I am hoping to catch up on a lot of reading this year and I am aiming at atleast 50 books which means 4 books a month. Yes, it would be hard on my pockets because I love hardcopies/paperback edition of books. Kindle, phone, desktop versions aren’t my preferred choices to enjoy a good read. So I am looking at spending a good amount of my fortune buying books because I know that what I am really investing is quality time and a pleasurable company for myself.




Like all the previous years, I hope 2016 brings in impromptu lunches and dinners with family and friends because what is life without these important people and what’s better than having a great time with our loved ones, indulging in some lip-smacking food and maybe a couple of tipple, Eh? :-)


I’m sharing my #TalesOf2015 with BlogAdda. Wishing everyone A Happy and Peaceful 2016 !

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