seaside - Aldeburgh Suffolk

We used to love the seaside – Lazy kisses, carefree laughs, building sand castles with promises of Together Forever.

Now…You are just a fading past on my ring-less finger.

“Kids? I am not cut out to take care of one. Not yet!” you had said. What you really meant was, “Never.” The day you left, I realized you were fickle as the silken sand.

“Daddy, Daddy,” dances a beautiful voice around me.

I fight back betraying tears for our child you never loved.

The sun lingers over the horizon, matte orange sky dissolves.

Clumsy kisses, melting popsicles, silly laughs, messy sand castles… I still love the seaside. I do my love!

Pic Credit: journals.worldnomadscom

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