Have you ever fallen in love with something intangible? – Something that you cannot touch, but whose mere presence affects you immensely. No? I am sure you do. There must have been times when you have fallen in love with a movie or a song, the smell of your favorite brew, the Sunday lunch aromas, a favorite time of the day or even the sound of the school recess bell?

Weirdly enough, I am in love with a month. Yes, I love December!

“Aha,” You get me now! Maybe there is a little smile on your face because, like me you love this special month too?

What’s so special about December you ask? Well… “If you have to ask, you will never know” (a Harry Potter fan will know where I have nicked this line from.)

For me, there is something magical about this beautiful month. The fresh, crisp, cool mornings make me want to be out in the park basking in nature’s beauty, but the devilish part of me enjoy the pure joy of staying in bed to have that extra lay-in. December brings images of warm, snugly woolens and steaming hot black coffees. Everything looks so much more appetizing in December. I eagerly look forward for Christmas and all the festivities that this glorious month brings in. Flashes of Red, White and Green colors pop up everywhere, I think of snowflakes even though I have never experienced snow yet. I can’t wait to put up our Christmas tree and witness how lights, wreaths, mistletoe, kisses, carols, plum cakes and red wines all beautifully complement each other.

I love hearing about family and friends who are away seven seas, but are excited and eager to reunite with loved ones. I enjoy being at supermarkets, walking down the aisles, and striking conversations with absolute strangers just because they too have bought vanilla pods and other baking ingredients as I.

My love for December makes me impatient. Turning the calendar page on 30th Nov gives me immense pleasure. December is like “The Friday of the months” with holidays, family time, greeting cards, wishes and gifts all wrapped up together making it one great party to end the year with.

With all these pleasant thoughts, I can’t help, but be laid back when it comes to decision making. All life altering decisions are held off until the New Year – this is no time for serious stuff. I rarely take upon anything new, I am not rushing around and December, for the last 10 years has been a month where we don’t budget anything – we just spend as we please. Mind it, we are otherwise very well behaved, so really December is our only indulgence.

December makes me happy, it makes me want to reach out to people more than ever, to take that extra effort to correct anything that I have erred. This month of “Giving” enhances a sense of compassion and charity; it brings in a period of reflection and it makes me share the joy, love and good fortune that I am blessed with.

December gives me a hope of magic and big dose of cheer. How can I not Love this month of Goodness? Oh Yes, I do Love December!

(First posted on 04/12/2014 on FB page Soul Xpression)

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