Ten years back, when I got married, I asked myself, “Will Life ever be the same again?”. And then four years back when Baby E came into our world, I was faced with the same question.

Of course, Nothing ever remains the same. A famous quote in the corporate world is Change is constant and I am no exception to this fact, but I surprised myself and everyone else when I decided to quit my job to be with my Baby Boy. Yes, that’s what chubby cheeks and tiny feet can do to your otherwise practical mind/heart.


Did I mention that Change is constant? Well, for Ten years, working with an International Insurance Giant was the highlight of my resume. However now, my job description Changed to A Mother (a role I proudly adorn). My friends, relatives, ex-colleagues; they all often asked me – “Don’t you miss going to work?”

Duh! Of course I missed all the action of my corporate life. I missed getting dressed for work, my always well groomed hair, painted lips, the clicking of heels, the intensity of work, the decision makings, friends and work colleagues. Many a times I longed for it, but the peace of mind I owned by being with my little boy… It was a precious Gift.

And believe me when I say that taking care of a baby is no mean feat. With E’s every development, I got promoted to The Household CEO, Toddler Tantrum Wrestling Champ and Familial Law Enforcer with Masters & PhD in Patience.


So going by the theory of “Change is Constant”, early this year, I decided to get back to work and fortunately my previous organization was happy to re-appoint me. On receiving the offer letter, I was jubilant. I shared the news gaily with my folks and enthusiastically began making my shopping list – New outfits, shiny shoes, work handbag, latest haircut and all the works. By evening however, the good news wore off and the sinking feeling of being away from E for 9-10 hours on weekdays started setting in. It took no time for a new To-Do-List to replace my fancy shopping list. And so, the whole of Feb, I spent time with E making him understand why I will be going to office, how he will be spending his after school hours at his grandma’s home and how things will change for him. I spent hours helping my boy become independent by eating on his own, drink milk without a straw, unbutton his shirt, remove and wear his own clothes, helping him memorize my mobile number and a number of other things which I would otherwise do for him. I think I did a pretty good job, for by mid of February he was Ok with the idea of me going to office. To be honest, he looked practically excited about the fact that I won’t be around all the time (yes that hurts!)

It’s D-Day today (drama much?) :-) Showering me with a kiss, a tight hug and a “Have a nice day” prompted by his dad E has left for school. I almost didn’t let go off him, holding onto my Homemaker /Mom life for every second that I could.

Sipping on my coffee, I am gearing up to resume the corporate world. No, the shiny shoes and handbag never arrived. The haircut was completely forgotten and even as I type this, my nail varnish is waiting to dry. Will Life ever be same? I ask myself again today knowing well the answer to it.heart

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22 thoughts on “Will Life Ever Be The Same Again?

  1. wow… how many congratulations are due? this is such a heart warming post… love to baby E and to the lovely mom who made the best decision in the world by quitting for the little angel…
    all the best for the new role now… let me know if I can be of any help Jyothi… :-) Much love!

    1. Thank you for your kind words Archie. It was a very difficult step both, while quitting the job and now resuming. With my first day at work gone well, I am super happy. :-)

  2. PS – followed you on all ur social handles today… was meaning to ask u for a while… and then the duh me figured it was all here 😉 xoxo

    1. Glad you found me. I am rubbish when it comes to being updated on FB and Twitter x

    1. That’s bang on true Umashankar. That term really doesn’t make any sense. Btw, just saw that Part 2 of your story is posted. Will read it pronto.

    1. Thanks for your wishes Bushra. I find that in times of distress humour often helps :-) xx

  3. With the arrival of a little one, life will never be the same again (which I too realized very recently :)). They bring in so much (joy) into our lives and sometimes we feel that they should never grow up.

    This was such a warm post. All the best for your new endeavor. :)

    Btw.. “The Household CEO, Toddler Tantrum Wrestling Cham and Familial Law Enforcer with Masters & PhD in Patience” – That is one hell of a Title. :)

  4. Congratulations to you too Raj. Yes, a child brings the best out of an adult. Thank you for your wishes. I am sure your wife and you will soon be splitting all those titles and more :-)

    1. Thank you for your heartfelt wishes Maitreni. I need every bit of them :-)

  5. Always loved the way you express things. … All the best for your new role. … love u. .. mwahý

    1. Thanks Jeevi. We got to catch up on weekend. Looking forward to speak to you soon :-* :-)

  6. This change is a change you will never regret, may you get all the happiness as a beautiful mom. Love to your baby :)

  7. I loved these titles – The Household CEO, Toddler Tantrum Wrestling Champ and Familial Law Enforcer with Masters & PhD in Patience.

    I was not aware of your personal life. It’s a happy discovery for him. It’s March… so, how is the new routine treating you?

    1. Hi Saru. Thanks. Honestly? The new routine is killing me. I want to take back all the cribbing about how I get bored at home and blah blah blah. I loved being with my son and I miss him terribly. And to top it i am struggling to find time to write, which makes me grumpy 😉 x

  8. Congratulations are in order here. Have been there, done that. Never gets easy either way. But we all figure our way through it and find a happy place that works for us. In all of which the time for writing gets compromised and I know that all too well. So I hope you find a little time here and there to keep writing and I see you are doing a much better job than I am.

    1. Thanks Piya. Almost a month now and I am still getting used to having a work-life balance. The only thing I begrudge is the luxury of time on hands to write whenever I want.

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