As I lay against the mosaic patio on a cool  August night,
Sleep evades me; I am bewitched at the beautiful sight.
My eyes steal a lover’s glance at the luminous moon,
But it’s the star studded sky in all its galore that makes me forlorn.

His memories come rushing back to me,
I wonder if what everyone says is indeed true.
Do our loved ones become part of the galaxy when they depart;
Do they represent one of those scintillating stars?

A lone shiny twinkle stands out amongst them all;
I wonder whether it is talking to me,
Trying to tell me things that I yearn to hear.

Wanting to know if I am Ok!


Mesmerized by the glow of that single radiant star,
Its playful sparkle brings a smile to my face.
Abstractly, I reach out to my heart’s desire,
Hoping it would soothe the fathomless pain – maybe help it erase.

Folks here say; the departed are up there looking out for us.
I wonder then, if one of those stars could fall; come back to my incomplete nest.

If only my wish would come true;
If only he would be here, dancing with me in the August rain.
If only I could have my Star back,
I would be Complete Again.


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12 thoughts on “Wish Upon A Star

    1. Hi Indrani… I had written this for my Dad whom I miss every single day x

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